Get involved in
our client’s

Get involved in
our client’s

Small applications deal with particular business needs.

​All the departments in the company are concened: HR, Marketing – Sales, Research, Production, Quality, After sales, but also decentralized sites (factories, subsidiaries, …)

They have to develop their own applications to meet these needs.

Their solutions are pertinent for their specific activity but technically fragile.

They become part of the organisation’s Shadow-IT and represent a risk (security, reliability, GDPR, …)

We listen to you to better understand your needs.

Désirade’s consultants are company generalists, capable of dealing with very diverse issues.

Over the years, they have deepened their understanding of business areas (HR, Production, Quality, Marketing) and clients’ particularities (public bodies, industry, services, …)

They combine their business skills, professionalism and commitment to their clients to accompany them over time.

Meeting specific needs requires understanding problems and cooperating with users to build adapted solutions.


These support functions need forecasting, management tools, which have to be thought out in a « collaborative » way with the operational staff (client reminders, workforce management, …). Excel « super » tables have to migrate to collaborative Web solutions.

  • Supplier risk monitoring and management, CNES, Pichet …
  • Follow-up of contractual obligations of a public service delegation, Keolis
  • Decision support tools and General Management dashboards for Pierre Fabre, Edelis, Airbus Customer Services


In addition to the IT service and HR, the HRD needs to have specific tools such as: sponsoring of new hires, incentive for health and safety training – security, psychosocial risk prevention plan, arduousness…

  • Skills management, mobility: Airbus, Airbus Defence and Space, Latécoère, Latelec, CNES, Pierre Fabre …
  • Staff allocation, forward planning then adjustment of actual staff numbers (permanent contracts and temps) to seasonal vagaries: Pioneer
  • Psychosocial risks & arduousness: Mood indicator …


In addition to CRM or ERP software, these services need target estimations, sales forecasts, sales pitches (mobility, photos, localization, etc.), market data collection, … specific needs, even very business specific needs

  • Aircraft fleet MRO market estimations for Airbus Customer Services​​
  • Three-way service offer management, Comap
  • Workflow automation to boost vacant properties on the market, Semcoda
  • Sales forecasts, planning Pierre Fabre, Pichet,


Alongside ERP and MES software, workshops and factories abound with small management tools: anomalies, rejects, task assignment,

  • Workloads: Airbus, Schneider Electric
  • Planning – matching production/resources: Airbus
  • Customer Services, Schneider Electric, Thales Alenia Space


Alongside the ERP logistics model, the supply chain has specific needs: packing, labels, assigning loading bays to trucks, supplier assessment…

  • Management of industrial equipment loans for exhibitions and customer demonstrations, Stäubli
  • Assigning loading bays to trucks, dispatching: Nataïs, Pioneer, Imerys
  • Optimisation of spare parts inventory, standard exchanges close to clients: Airbus Customer Services


In addition to traditional GED tools, Configuration management, …, quality is organised based on business needs: documentary portals, action plans shared with partners or other services, continuous improvement monitoring …

  • Detected anomalies, incident management: Continental Automotive
  • Quality control samples: Upsa, Terreal
  • Supplier monitoring for quality & reliability: Thales Alenia Space, Airbus