Join an
agile team

Be yourself

Convinced that each personality can contribute to the collective, we take on and value differences.

We do our best to take into consideration individual expectations and needs to bring out excellence in each of our staff members.

Take initiatives, try, dare, and if you make mistakes we learn and go forward together.

Together as a team

At Desirade « team » is a key word that has particular significance!

The team means pulling together, complementarity, collective problem solving and taking care of others.

This transversal way of working allows us to not only provide an excellent quality of service to our clients but also to take into consideration our staff members by dividing the workload between all members of the team and not overloading one person.

An absent member of staff can be replaced at a moment’s notice by a colleague, because:​​​

  • Everyone knows the clients and ongoing projects at Désirade
  • The Client’s activities manager transfers any client necessary information to continue the project
  • Our technical organisation facilitates the takeover of code by another person.