Agility and pragmatism
for your projects

Agility and pragmatism
for your projects

All our activities are carried out with agility:

• Project
• Team Management
• Client and partner relationships

However, none of these require any tenets or rituals.
Cooperation, building of trust, Prototype evaluations, are our benchmarks.


Our project approach (during specification, as well as development) implements the following types of iterations:

  • Expression of requirements: group workshops, brown paper
  • Validation and development based on mockups and prototypes


  • Engage in dialogue with users, using their language, to promote mutual understanding; modelisation and conceptualization are managed by Désirade. Rapidly demonstrate practical examples to help them envisage their future tool.
  • Help them to prioritize, to keep it simple (put the emphasis on delivering a small tool and plan improvements after some real feedback)
  • Take special care with the design and ergonomics to give users the « desire » to participate in the project, share their vision.
  • Avoid imposing constraints or tenets on them.

Dialogue, transparency, building of trust to avoid (or solve) problems

Our pragmatic approach to projects aims at optimizing the Value/ Cost/ Deadline ratio.
The RAD approach is implemented by experienced consultants (15 years of experience with all types of projects for a very wide range of clients).

They have accumulated real competence as « company generalists », capable of adapting rapidly, steering developments and anticipating risks.