Atypical positioning

Professionalize and secure
business applications
that are additional to the IT system.

A strive for excellence which is built
around two guiding principles:
Serve you as best as we can, work as a team

Atypical positioning

The company Information System is articulated around big software packages that provide the tools to business in a unified approach. However, these software packages cannot deal with all the specificities of services. That’s the reason why we need small applications!

Shadow IT applications
are sometimes synonymous
with disorder.

  • « Amateur » developments focused on the accumulation of features rather than reliability
  • Sustainability is not maintained (documentation, source management, …)
  • Proliferation of small applications that are not coherent with the IT system

The CIO split between « service to users » and a structured information system.

Désirade’s business:
make them professional!

  • Work together and engage with your issues to specify, with you, simple tools
  • Make them reliable and facilitate their integration (files and documents stored on the dedicated extranet)
  • Make it easier for the CIO to manage (dashboard on extranet) a number of small applications coherent with the IT system
  • A more agile Information System and improved CIO – users relationships.