Should IT services channel Shadow IT?
Shadow IT is a term frequently used to
designate the « shadow computing »
created and used within companies
without the approval of IT services.

How can you deal
with SHADOW IT in your organization?

Le SHADOW IT covers both the hardware and the software used or developed by staff members and can represent a risk if it is carried out in disregard of good practices, especially tests, documentation, security, reliability.

Highlight the hidden computing activities in the company!

At Désirade, we help the IT service to better serve users and channel Shadow IT. We provide you with our long experience of small applications, our methodology and comprehensive approach in professionalizing hidden applications:

Minimal takeover, to guarantee maintenance.

Fast Audit to recommend actions adapted to the criticity (business, technique, usability) of each application

Co-Development: The client can produce POC prototypes or process minor changes, while Désirade keeps responsibility for « professional » maintenance