Your induction

Your induction

The induction path

The arrival of a new person needs to be organised and that’s why we give our new hires

(including trainees or block-release apprentices) one week of induction training.

The 4 essential themes of the induction week:

To accompany you during your induction,
you will be assigned a sponsor.

A sponsor

The role of the sponsor is not to transfer technical skills, but to facilitate your induction, your understanding of Désirade’s culture and organisation.

He / she will be in charge of answering any general questions that you may be wondering about as a new member of staff (where to eat nearby, public transport, life of the company…)

Finally, we will review the week with you.

We are in the habit of reviewing the induction week with new arrivals.

In particular with a discovery report which enables us to collect your impressions but also through which we get a fresh look at what could be improved at Désirade.